Sushi Bars are Not All the Same – What to Look For

Sushi has been around for centuries, but lately it seems like Americans can’t get enough. Although we have borrowed from Asian cultures and put our own twists on it, there are some standard things that you should look for when venturing out to eat fish raw. Don’t just Google “sushi bar near me” and take your chances. These are reasons to choose Locals all day long!

Freshness Guaranteed

The key to good (and safe) sushi is its freshness. We live just miles from the ocean, which means that there is no excuse for not having sushi served up totally fresh. At Locals, we understand what a difference a day makes, and we always strive to have the freshest and most seasoned sushi on our menu. We also offer daily specials for the adventurer in you, so there is always something new to try!


Most sushi places have old favorites like tuna rolls or dragon rolls, but not everyone wants the same old same old. Find a sushi restaurant like Locals that offers different creations, concoctions, and seasonal favorites. Sushi should be fun and adventurous, not something found in a grocery aisle. We allow our chefs to let their creativity shine so that you get newness all the time!


Although you don’t want to base your decision on price alone, you also don’t want to spend a fortune. At Locals, we keep our costs competitive. Even in our current economy, we do all that we can to deliver the best price for sushi in Charleston. We certainly are NOT cheap, but then again, having cheap sushi never sounds like a good idea!

Staff Friendliness

At Locals, we excel in staff friendliness and atmosphere. Locals is where Charleston Locals can hang out with neighbors and friends and have a delicious and fresh meal. Not all sushi bars have to be stark-white and sterile; we are breaking the sushi mold by having fun in every arena and for everyone to enjoy!

Safety is Our Top Concern

Anytime that you serve or work with raw foods, you have to be incredibly careful that you are following health guidelines to limit foodborne illnesses. Although no one wants to talk about it or think about it, it is important to find a sushi bar that takes seriously its obligation to maintain a strict protocol for raw seafood. At Locals, we are very particular about the way that we do things to ensure that we always serve food that is safe and ready to go.

Let’s face it: sushi can be super good, but unfortunately, if it’s not handled properly, it can be super bad. At Locals, we believe in superior food, awesome service, and cost-conscious pricing. Don’t just Google “sushi bar near me” and take your chances – come to Locals Sushi and be guaranteed good food and a good time. Come in today for the best sushi in Charleston!